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Using the 5x5 Outrigger Beam System, outreaches of up to 14 ft are possible by clamping beams together.


Available in 0.5, 1, 1.5, 2 and 3m sections.  CUL classified system. Easily assembles into platform lengths up to 62 ft with load capacities up to 2,000 lbs.  Completely knocks down for easy transport and storage. All aluminum modular construction makes UP-STAGE lightweight, strong and versatile. Components assemble fast and easy using Quick pins. Reversible aluminum decks extend the working life. Optional hinge and corner sections add versatility and allow an unlimited number of configurations.

Splice beam

Create an extended outreach of up to 8 ft using our existing 5x5 H-beam system, while keeping installation as easy and safe as possible.

Corner sections

Continuous corner brackets for an effective and inexpensive accessory to convert your standard adj. corner sections to a continuously adjustable one. Adjusts smoothly and continuously to any angle from 20 to 90 degrees, even in mid-air. 

30-degree fixed corner section.

45-degree fixed corner section.

60-degree fixed corner section.

90-degree fixed corner section.


The Delta Beam Outrigger System can support loads between 1500 and 2000lb.

Work Cages

The heavy-duty steel construction is built to last.
A universal hoist mount accepts all popular traction hoists. The hoist mounts on the back to allow for maximum working space inside. Extensions are available to increase the width to 7 ft. The high pivot point of the mast provides excellent stability. 1000 lb load capacity (incl. 4 to 1 safety factor)

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